Energy Coach and Healer

I serve YOU to reach your best SELF and finally experience a healthy and fulfilling life by overcoming stress, physical and/or mental challenges using my unique Integrative Method

Sound familiar?

You work so much or make yourself so busy that you feel overwhelmed or depleted. It is difficult to take care of yourself like exercising regularly or simply get sufficient sleep.

You wish to make a change in your life and move on to your next chapter but you are feeling stuck and you don’t have the energy, the motivation or the clarity to do so.

You experience recurring physical pain or symptoms, a disease or a condition that affects your health and well being for too long.

It’s been years you struggle with anxiety and some emotions, a lack of self-esteem or self love and you would like to finally overcome these blockages.

Activate your Quantum Keys to Succeed

Experience a performing and individualized approach of coaching and healing to manifest your best Self

the Core

Identify and target the underlying condition preventing you to overcome your challenge(s)

The Shift

Quantum Techniques to help you rebalance and shift dysfunctional patterns

The Accomplishment

Realistic strategies to
stabilize and support your evolution 

Expert in Performance,
Quantum Coaching and Healing

As an Olympian and World Champion, I learned to manage extreme levels of stress both physically and mentally, and excelled at developing efficient strategies to perform and achieve amazing results. I see my career as a succession of Initiations about the multi-facets of Self and how to reconnect all three levels: body, mind & spirit.

My unique Integrative Methoda creative mix of Coaching & Energy Medicine, will guide you to fully align with Who You Really Are, with your Higher Purpose and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. At the end of the day, being happy and satisfied with Who You Are, with the achievements completed (whether big or small) and the lessons learned… is success!!!

I serve a diverse clientele from CEOs to entrepreneurs, partners, athletes and people having a strong desire to evolve their life.

quantum coaching

Discover your options and the Sovereign Way to the field of your Possibilities and Ascension


YOU are ready to Ascend and fully align with Who You Really Are, with your True Power and Higher Purpose ✨

6 sessions 1:1 in person or remote
Multi-level coaching addressing and reconnecting all levels: body, mind and spirit
Activation of the Keys to reach your next chapter of life: career, relationships, love life, health, wealth…

Full update of your Body’s Energy
Systems (Grids, Chakra, Auric Field…)

“365 Energy Systems Support” FREE for the current year

PRICE $22,220 


At a crossroads in your life, YOU need a hand to choose a way or step into the Unknown💫

1 session 1:1 in person or remote  (session last up to 3h)

Go beyond duality and bridge where you are with where you want to go
Let go of what does not serve you
anymore by overcoming your limiting
beliefs. Activate your self-healing

Receive a general
Energy Systems update

PRICE $4,440


Quickly figure out the Key to your next level

1 session 1:1 in person or remote
Point out what consciously or unconsciously prevent you to access your next level

Receive a targeted Energy Systems update to support the change

PRICE $1,111

There is no greater satisfaction than leading you through your process of growth and expansion to reach new heights

Quantum Energy Medicine

Discover your options to optimize your health and support the expression of your Highest Potential


Rebalance and update your entire energy systems to realign your body’s natural energies and support the expression of your Highest Potential, health and well-being

3 sessions 1:1 in person or remote

Full check up and rebalancing of your body’s energy systems: Grids, Chakra, Auric Field, Meridians…

Multi-Dimensional / Ancestral Trauma clearing (if necessary)

“365 Energy Systems Support” included

PRICE $5,550


Restore your general energy systems and shift the dysfunctional patterns to improve your health and well-being

2 sessions 1:1 in person or remote

Restoration of your general energy systems

Rebalancing of the recurring dysfunctional energy patterns

“365 Energy Systems Support”    not included

PRICE $2,222

365 Energy
Systems Support

Consistency is the key for lasting results however no need to add things up to your busy schedule, I do it for you every day!

Receive a daily care that supports and strengthens your body’s energy systems
Valid from January 1st to December 31st

Chakra clearing included for every New Moon

PRICE $1,111


Energy Coach and Healer

Book a discovery call with me. Let’s spend a moment together to discuss your current challenge(s). During our call, we’ll figure out the best strategy and best program for you